Registration of participants public lecture DR. Zakir Naik in the next 3 April Sportorium officially closed by UMY per 30 September 2017 at 15.00 pm. This was confirmed directly by the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee Visits Dr. Zakir Naik in UMY, Nasrullah, S.H, S.Ag, MCL when interviewed by our team of BHP on Friday (31/3).

“Online registration is closed. Currently we are still in the process of distributing invitations to the invited guests. Until the last day, we collect data quota of 6000 people have been met, “said the lecturer at the Faculty of Law in UMY.

According to data compiled hinga March 30, 2017 at 22:00 pm, Nasrullah explained the participants who will attend the public lecture have diverse backgrounds and religious origin. “Quota 6000 consisted of 5500 participants and 500 invitees. The distribution of participants covers from all over Indonesia came from 34 provinces. Of religion also, we collect the data, participants have diverse religious background. Muslim majority, but there are also participants Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist, “he said.

High public interest to hear directly Public Lecture Dr. Zakir Naik, not only attract people of the country alone. Some foreign nationals are also registered as a participant Public Lecture Dr. Zakir Naik UMY. “There are some foreign nationals who participated, both of which come directly from abroad or residing in Indonesia. There are eleven foreign nationals from Australia, Thailand, Palestine, Malaysia, Slovakia and Libya, “he added.

Dr. Zakir Naik, is scheduled to give a public lecture entitled “Religion as an Agent of Mercy and Peace” on 3 April 2017 in Sportorium UMY. Related preparatory committee conducted today, Nasrallah claimed was 90 percent. “We have to evaluate all divisions, Insha’Allah until yesterday afternoon was 90 percent preparation. Live technical preparation and the execution time of the day, such as building Sportorium which is still used when a Sunday, we just do preparation in the afternoon, “said Nasrullah again.

Nasrallah also appealed to the public who can not attend a public lecture in person in order to access the streaming media provided UMY. “People who can not follow a public lecture at Sportorium UMY, can access the streaming broadcast that can be accessed through Dr. Zakir Naik has landed in Indonesia last night. Is currently located in Jakarta. Insha Allah, we ask for prayer and community support for these activities to run smoothly as we had hoped, “he concluded.

Added by the Organizing Committee, the Local Organizing Committee Visits Dr. Zakir Naik in St. Louis, Muhammad Khaeruddin Hamsin, Ph.D., that Dr. Zakir Naik will give a public lecture at the inaugural Indonesian Education University (UPI) in Bandung on Sunday (2/4). “After giving a public lecture at UPI, the afternoon Dr. Zakir Naik will go directly to Jogja. Then on Monday (3/4), Dr. Zakir Naik will give a public lecture in UMY┬áto be housed in the building Sportorium, “he added.