Reach the summit of Kilimanjaro, Mapala UMY Back to Break MURI

March 31, 2017, oleh: superadmin

Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition Climber teams Mapala UMY has grabbed the top of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Tanzania precisely 07.30 time or 11:30 pm on Wednesday (29/3). This was confirmed directly by the Public Relations Mount Kilimanjaro Ekxpedition Mapala UMY, Saigunsi Bonita Arimi when contacted BHP team in UMY on Friday (31/3). This time all teams have dropped back through the Mweka Camp and headed straight for the city of Moshi.

Saigunsi confirmed that four of the five athletes who achieve in a healthy condition. One athlete ill and could not continue the climb. They were for 20 minutes at the summit. “For Athletes condition, 4 out of 5 people who can get to the top, four people are Ihsanul Hakim, Judge Nauval, Muh. Badruddin, Aji Wahyudi. While Moh. Fadli, he can not continue the climb when at an altitude of 5600 meters above sea due to illness. After the summit attack, all the teams have gone down and went straight to Moshi town, “he said.

Aside from making it to the top of Kilimanjaro, UMY Mapala expedition team also MURI record for the world’s tallest puppet performances. “At the height of their own doing puppet performances, the staging puppet MURI record for the highest in the world. They also did some shooting with sponsor flag and the parties have collaborated for the success of our activities, “continued Saigunsi.

Then team is scheduled to return from Tanzania to Indonesia on April 2 and will be in Jakarta for one day prior to Yogyakarta. “Now they were passing through a recovery day, or one day of complete rest after the climb. They will return to Indonesia on April 2, and will be in Jakarta on April 3 before heading to Yogyakarta, “he added.

Kilimanjaro Expedition series of activities will not end here. Arriving in Yogyakarta, Mapala UMY will host the exhibition of the Kilimanjaro expedition activities and Talkshow on 21-22 April. Exhibitions and talk shows will display the results of climbing activities and research the Chagga tribe. As previously known, in addition to climbing Kilimanjaro, the expedition team also conducts research on Chagga tribe who live at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition is the third expedition undertaken by Mapala UMY to conquer the seven highest peaks in the world or 7 Summits series. Previous Mapala UMY has conquered the peak Carstensz in 1999 and the peak of Elbrus in 2014. The athletes have passed the selection process and training before making the climb to Kilimanjaro.