As many as 2,000 athletes from different taekwondo dojang (training ground taekwondo) exam level rise on Sunday (26/3) at Sportorium Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University (UMY). The organizing committee and chairman of the Student Activity Unit (SMEs) Taekwondo in UMY, Asep Maulana revealed that UMY host taekwondo athletes DIY se followed by a variety of ages.

“The participants who took the tests this rate increase is not only attended by students who are members of the SME Taekwondo, but also followed from kindergarten age of approximately five years, there is also air until the age of 50 years and above. I think the look of the enthusiasm of the participants and who went to see this high, it may become a means to introduce UMY, especially SMEs Taekwondo in UMY, “Asep said in an interview on Wednesday (29/3) in the Office of Public Relations and Protocol (BHP) UMY.

Asep again explained, the event in collaboration with the Local Government and Regional Board Taekwondo DIY DIY theme “Sports and Happy Together Taekwondo Jogja.” In line with the theme, a series of events that began at 6:30 am starting with taekwondo athlete jogging together in 2000.

In the test execution witnessed by the Rector UMY, Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, MP., Asep again explained that the increase in test execution, based on levels from white belt to red belt. Participants will be judged on accuracy stance and movement. “For the assessment depends on the level of the belt. Exams from white belt to red belt has been adjusted by the material, up there on the board broke. As for the black belt in the test process is different, because this is the highest level in taekwondo. Black belt will be required to stay and processes taken too long, “he said.

In addition to performances exam ranks, UKM Taekwondo team in UMY using the moment to raise the social fund, called Taekwondo share. “Taekwondo sharing becomes one of our goals at the belt level exam held in UMY. We are looking for donations to all participants taekwondo athlete without plug fare. While the funds gathered will we leave on the 1st of April to the orphanage children in Yogyakarta, “he added.

In a series of events in the test that level, Taekwondo Master Yogyakarta appreciation to Taekwondo UMY for successful SMEs won 24 medals. The twenty-four medals consisted of 7 gold, 13 silver, 4 bronze, in the race local, national, until International for achievements during the period 2016-2017. (Hv)