An honor for the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta back getting bids from foreign universities to establish cooperation between the two sides. This time, the Faculty of Engineering (FT) of National Chung Cheng University (CCU) Taiwan, tried to take the FT UMY to do some collaborations.

Presented by FT CCU representative, Prof. Jing-Cherng Tsai, it offers six collaboration with FT UMY. “The collaboration allows the CCU can be woven between FT and FT UMY include working practices at certain intervals, exchange students, visiting research, bilateral conferences and study elite program in Taiwan,” said Prof. Jing.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in UMY, Jazaul Ikhsan, Ph.D., welcomed the offer of cooperation from the Faculty of Engineering CCU. He hoped that the cooperation offered by the CCU can be realized as it will be able to support the internationalization implemented by each campus.

In harmony with the explanation Jazaul Ikhsan, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Student Affairs, Slamet Riyadi, Ph.D. approved the bid filed by the CCU. “Of the total six cooperation offered, the most likely thing we can do is the work practices in a particular period (summer internship). Even now there are 4 to 5 students who are interested in the internship summer program and even fill out a form and be interviewed after the session, “said Slamet.

Slamet also offered to the CCU to perform visiting professor program to UMY. “We hope that the CCU can send professors to teach classes and conduct research writing workshops for staff or faculty in the Faculty of Engineering in UMY for 2-3 weeks. Previous FT UMY also been working together to invite a Japanese professor to teach at UMY. Therefore, we want any other foreign university professor who is willing to share experiences and knowledge to students and staff, “added Slamet.